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Benefits of the Pet Protect Elixir:

  • Improves longevity
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Protects against EMF radiation and environmental toxins
  • Boosts the immune system to fight bacteria, viruses and parasites
  • Lowers Anxiety and Irritability
  • Promotes Restful Sleep
  • Increases energy and vitality
  • Alleviates joint pains
  • Improves coat health and shine
  • Heals skin lesions and skin conditions
  • Improves digestions and alleviation of constipation


In 2012 a team of French scientists published a groundbreaking study that demonstrated a nearly 100% increase in lifespan of lab animals by supplementing their diet with a Nobel Prize-winning discovery - C60. C60 is 172x more powerful than Vitamin C and is the best super-antioxidant you can give your family pet for anti-aging, optimal health, a healthy coat and playful energy.


While no drug or supplement had successfully prolonged lifespan, C60 nearly doubled lifespan. C60 is able to do this because it successfully neutralizes free radicals and toxic compounds that otherwise cause inflammation and disease in the body.


By boosting the immune system, replacing damaged cells with new stem cells, and protecting the body from environmental toxins, C60 is able to not only add years to the life but will also invigorate pets with energy and vitality.


C60 is a miracle worker for a pet suffering from heart disease, gum disease, poor immune function, dull coat health, low energy and symptoms of aging. 


Our Pet Protect Elixir is further supercharged with powerful and potent supplements including:



Rich in antioxidants including vitamin E and is a good source of phytonutrients as well. It has an abundance of polyphenols and carotenoids which help improve immune health. 


  • PURE CAMELINA OIL (Cold pressed)

Rich in omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids in a ratio that is unique among vegetable oils 



An antioxidant that is necessary for normal cell function and energy production. As an animal ages, it's ability to synthesize CoQ10 dramatically reduces and so supplementation is important to restore healthy cell function and maintain a strong heart. 



A rich source of humic and fulvic acid that is harvested in the Himalayan mountain range. It contains most of the essential trace minerals, organic acids and plant alkaloids which is great for treating nutritional deficiency.  


Dosage Guidelines:


  • 0 - 25 lbs: Quarter Teaspoon
  • 26 - 50 lbs: Half Teaspoon
  • 51 - 100 lbs: Three-Quarter Teaspoon

Add a Quarter Teaspoon for each additional 50 lbs


Some pets prefer taking the Pet Protect Elixir oil on its own while other prefer it with food. Most pets like the taste and will lick it directly from the spoon while for others it can be mixed into their food and given once per day.


  • If you are not satisfied with your purchase then please do not hesitate to contact us. While we handle all returns on a case by case basis, our general guidelines are below: 


    • Products must be returned within 30 days of purchase.
    • Receipt or proof of purchase must be provided.
    • Shipping expenses can't be refunded.
  • Domestic orders are shipped within 1 business day using Expedited Canada Post parcel delivery.

    International orders have a range of delivery options that can be chosen when placing the order. If your country is not listed on the Checkout screen then please contact us. 

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