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What is Carbon 60?


C60 is 172x more powerful than Vitamin C. Regular antioxidants get used up right away when they remove a toxin from the body, but Carbon 60 is a super-antioxidant that continuously detoxifies the body.



With its scientifically proven ability to double the life-span of test subjects, discoverers of this miraculous molecule were awarded the Nobel Prize. C60 is a super-antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals to help the body fight aging and inflammatory diseases to promote overall wellness, energy and longevity.

Known as "the destroyer of weakness", Shilajit is a natural source of C60. After being used for thousands of years as an anti-aging and rejuvenating compound in Ayurvedic medicine, Shilajit is garnering immense scientific attention for its brain-boosting, immune-building and mood-elevating properties.

CoQ10 is a potent antioxidant naturally produced within our bodies to maintain optimal heart health, and brain function. It has also been known to alleviate migraines and improve overall health and well-being. Stress and aging severely deplete this important enzyme, which is why taking it regularly results in many health benefits.


Ultra-Pure Carbon 60

Potent CoQ10

Himalayan Shilajit



C60 binds to HIV and hinders replication of the virus (1).

Prevents the spread of the human Cytomegalovirus, Influenza A, Hepatitis C, Vesicular Stomatitis Virus and Semliki Forest Virus (2).

Enhances the body's immune system to fight tumour growth (3).

Reduces severity of allergies and represents a novel way to control asthma, arthritis, heart disease and multiple sclerosis (4, 5).

Are you ready to experience Carbon 60?

"When I saw the testimonials, the Nobel prize, and the research articles, I knew I needed this for myself. Now, after experiencing the increased productivity, mental clarity and reduced inflammation, I know I'm going to be using this Carbon 60 blend for years to come."


Here's What Others Are Saying

For about a month now we have been using your C60 supplement both orally and applied topically to our faces and necks. We noticed immediately that our skin looks healthier, younger and has a glow to it. I'm not sure if this is related but I also noticed when I apply the C60 to my face and neck that my tinnitus symptoms seem to be reduced as well.

When ingested, we usually take a teaspoon in the morning and we find that we feel more energetic and alert during the day with an overall sense of better health.

We highly recommend C60 to anyone looking to maintain that healthy dynamic equilibrium called homeostasis. Thank you for making this amazing, one-of-a-kind product available to us. We are very grateful and wish you all the best.


I've just recently started taking C60 oil after learning about all the incredible results others are having. My understanding is that it takes a little while to experience the full benefits however I did experience something right away. I overindulged in some wine one night and thought I'd have a massive hangover the next day but I didn't at all! I felt perfectly normal. I googled that effect and learned that others had the same experience. I think that's pretty amazing. Alcohol is full of toxins so this oil is really remarkable. I can't wait to experience all the benefits. I think I'm also experiencing a reduction in brain fog as I feel myself thinking more clearly.





Right before my final exams I had burned my right hand quite severely after unknowingly grabbing a hot pan from the oven. I applied a lot of C60 right away and wore a rubber glove for the rest of the day and until the next morning. I applied C60 for the days to come and the burn healed so fast and so well over a very short period of time that I was able to write my exam with no pain. No blisters or pus and you can't even tell I had a burn as no scarring was left! Highly recommend this product, it's worth a shot!

Benefits of Carbon 60 - healthy skin, inflammation relief

I highly recommend making C60 a part of your regular routine. I've seen so many remarkable benefits and yes I will share all the loveliness that is C60!

Skin care: for acne scarring and painful breakouts, before applying moisturizer, makes a huge difference. In a week my red acne bumps not only disappeared but there were no scars. And to top it off, I've always had eczema breakouts behind my knee caps. Yep, after applying C60 no itchiness and within 3 days you couldn't tell I've ever had eczema! Also a great base before applying any makeup or serums.

Digestive supplement: I take 0.5mL in the morning and 0.5mL before going to bed. Effects are amazing! I am lactose intolerant and ate a grilled cheese sandwich and didn't have any belly aches - that's a win-win for me! I also had poutine the next day, and didn't feel sick. Keep in mind you must keep supplementing with C60 if you wish to continue eating dairy... I've learned that with time you can enjoy ice cream and pizza too!

Mood/overall wellbeing: I am generally a happy person and with C60 I feel like I have more energy. Otherwise I feel burnt out by noon and caffeine is my only friend. C60 is better than caffeine and healthier too!

Hair growth: add couple of drops to a tablespoon of castor oil, massage in affected areas. I've done this once a week (leave overnight and wash next morning) for 2 months. I got cute baby hairs in areas I was balding!

I recommend starting with a small dose and slowly increasing the intake to twice a day. For topical application, apply to all affected areas and massage for 1-2min to let C60 penetrate. The best part is it's non-greasy and does not clog pores.


Excellent product which is helping both my husband and me with arthritis and other ailments. Would definitely recommend.


I started my journey with C60 in the beginning of 2018 and it’s been a complete health game-changer. It’s allowed me to regain mobility from a severe disc herniation as well as immense relief from chronic inflammation and pain due to osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. I’ve also been using C60 to combat poor memory, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, anxiety and depression. Amazingly, I am also able to incorporate the supplement into my ketogenic diet and its healed many years of suffering from fatty liver disease. I consume it orally and apply it topically anywhere I experience pain and muscle spasms. I highly recommend this product to anyone experiencing discomfort, inflammation and pain and who want to feel a sense of well-being and clarity!





Sure! Here are 8 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits

01 Anti-Aging

The most famous study was done in France where a scientific team demonstrated that rats receiving C60 nearly doubled their lifespan (1). When given C60, mice that lacked mitochondrial superoxide dismutase (an antioxidant produced by the body) increased their lifespan by 300% (2).


02 Improved Skin Health

When used topically twice a day for 4 weeks, the average number of acne reduced by 23%. After 8 weeks of use the reduction rate was 37% (1). C60 increased the moisture content of skin by 43% rendering the skin more soft and supple. It also increased the average collagen score by 33% after 28 days of treatment (2). Reduced wrinkle formation and acne (3, 4). C60 had a therapeutic effect on eczema / atopic dermatitis by suppressing inflammation (5).

03 Increased Hair Growth

A human clinical trial concluded that C60 treatment increased hair growth rate by 16% over a span of 6 months (1). Significantly increased the number of viable follicles in humans (2). Some reports indicate that regular application on the scalp restored original hair colour.


04 Improved Athletic Performance

C60 prevented skeletal muscle fatigue and subsequently increased muscle endurance. Athletes experience an increase in strength and endurance with decreased recovery times after intense work-out sessions (1, 2).

05 Increased Resilience

A study found C60 to inhibit the growth of tumours by 76.5% and inhibit metastasis by 48% while increasing lifespan by 22% (1). Increased the effectiveness of chemotherapy by over 200% (2). Protects normal cells against radiation-induced cell damage, while killing cancer cells (3). Rats that were given C60 nearly doubled their lifespans and did not develop any cancers, whereas those that didn’t receive C60 died within the normal 2-year range and some died of cancer (4).


06 Improved Brain Power

Reduced age-related cognitive impairment, promoted the growth of new neurons and increased learning speed and memory (1, 2). Ongoing studies suggest that C60 is a potential neuroprotective agent for neurodegenerative disorders including Parkinson's disease (3). Less amyloid beta aggregation in neurons and shows promise in the treatment of Alzheimer's (4).

07 Improved Immune Function

Reduces the severity of allergies and may represent a novel way to control mast cell-dependent diseases which include asthma, arthritis, heart disease and multiple sclerosis (1, 2). Enhances the body's immune system to fight tumour growth (3). Stimulates the production of key immune cells like white blood cells that fight bacteria, viruses, and help fight infections (4).


08 Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial

C60 binds to HIV and hinders replication of the virus (1). Prevents the spread of the human Cytomegalovirus, Influenza A, Hepatitis C, Vesicular Stomatitis Virus and Semliki Forest Virus (2) and also many harmful bacteria which infect the skin (3).

Looks Great! But show me the science...

How to Begin your C60 Journey


Your C60 Saturation Kit

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